Unique Clothes 4 Individual People

We believe that individuals don’t want to look like EVERYONE else. We remember a time when it was possible to find cool & unusual stuff to wear and not everything looked a like. If you want to be a clone go somewhere else please. Our customers are individuals and like it that way.

BEINE_1No Bull Ads

We do little advertising. If you like our products, tell a friend. That’s good enough for us. We try to help out rugby clubs with products when we can. This approach has helped us build a very loyal customer base from  the South Sea to the North Pole (well almost...).

Cotton is King

We don’t believe in Nylon, however, we do believe that 100 % Cotton has always been the key to making great rugby wear. Its more much more expensive then Nylon or other artificial materials. But, we feel that products made out of chemicals are second rate to nature’s best. Our materials are of the finest quality money can buy.   Our designs and finish are truly exceptional.

Stay Exclusive

We are not trying to cloth the entire world. We want our stuff to remain exclusive period.  That means you will NEVER see our stuff in department stores. We will sell our stuff through a few “cool” shops and direct to you through the net. That way we wont get rich BUT you will own really original & unique gear.

Our Quality Kicks Butt

Look what you get these days for your hard earned cash, normally the quality frankly SUCKS. Buy one thing from us and you will understand what quality really means!

Hard Core Gear

Our gear is not only worn on the battle fields of rugby. Our gear is designed for many hard core sports activities.  Hard Core to us means, us/you risking severe “pain & suffering” to be the best you can be at our/your sport.  That could mean many things for example: tackling a 125 Kg prop even with a severe hangover, skating the steepest ramps with or without a helmet, surfing in dangerous waters together with “unfriendly” locals, snowboard “off-piste” anytime-anyplace, or whatever else gets your adrenaline going. For us hard core means 110% commitment and willingness to risk “life & limb”.  Some people call it crazy, we call it “hard core” sports.

Customer Service

Everyone talks about, BUT for us its our lifeblood.  Try us once and you will always come back.

Giving Something Back

We believe that some of our profits should always go back into our communities. Every year we will donate some of our profits to a good cause. We don’t do it as public-relations exercise, but because we believe it is our duty to do so.


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