The Legend

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The Legend of Bonesmasher

Once upon a time in California, there was a surfer boy called “Sid Vicious” who when he was not drinking cold beers, chasing girls, played some decent rugby. What attracted him to the sport was the player camaraderie, the toughness, and the great after game parties. Back then all rugby shirts were made of cotton and the shirts lasted forever. Many moons later living in London, he realised that most rugby shirts had lost their heritage. Either they were made of some cheap chemical or made of poor quality.  He decided that it was time to go back to the roots of the sport. Hence he set out to create unique designs of high quality. For people like himself, who didn’t want to be dressed by another faceless sportswear multinational. Although many people thought he was crazy (maybe he was?) However, Bonesmasher was an instant hit. Today, Bonesmasher has a fast growing loyal customer base all over the world.  The gear is worn by many individuals in a variety of sports and casual settings.

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